Our Breeding Cats

Our Siamese Cats

The Boys:


Puresweet Pacific Wulfenite our Chocolate point stud arrived from Japan in 17 January 2013.   He has a lovely friendly temperament and likes going to shows.  This photo was taken at a Show and shows him darker than he is.  Wulfie was the Cats NSW Group 2 Cat of the year in 2014, runner up in 2015, Cat of the year in 2016 and runner up in 2017.




The Girls:


Puresweet Alicante who arrived from Japan with Wulfenite to join our family.  Alicante is a Seal point.  When in Quarantine she had an accident which was not noticed by the staff.  When Grant went to visit her he saw the outside toe of her left paw sticking out.  She had to have her toe amputated at the cost to me of $2,600 at the Sydney Veterinary Hospital.  It was so dear as she had to be kept in Quarantine.  Even though they were told she was a future show cat, they shaved both of her legs which prevented her being shown at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  Poor Ali.  She was shown for the first time last Saturday 15 June 2013 and became a Champion in that one show.  Ali visited Mocha and the result was a miracle - she had six babies.  She is such a tiny cat we never expected such a big litter from her.  She had three kittens in her second litter, three in her third litter and four in her fourth litter.


The pretty Ali on the scratching post

This beautiful photo is of Minion (Chocolate point) looking at the little girl and Trevor (Seal point).  Minion is Ali's son and Trevor is her Grandson.


Trilian GM Havana - Chocolate

The daughter of Mocha and the late Sabrina and brought up as an Australian Mist this lovely girl is an absolute joy for us to have.  We would have been even sadder if we had not had a daughter from Sabrina.  She is a little clown and thinks she is a Princess.  Havana had six kittens in her first litter a great surprise as she is also a small cat.  The photo below shows Havana with her six babies.  She was a wonderful mother to her gorgeous kittens and had another six in her second litter with the first Blue Point we have bred for about five years.  Her third litter also consisted of six kittens - unfortunately we lost three of the kittens.  As usual one girl and the rest boys - always the same ratio. Her fourth litter broke the pattern.  We have five kittens, one Lilac point girl for a change, one Blue point boy and three Chocolate point boys.

Trilian PW Alaska - Lilac

The daughter of Wulfie and Trini. We were thrilled to keep Alaska and to have another Lilac point in the family as that is my favourite point colour.   The above photo shows Alaska after winning the Joyce Selby Memorial Trophy at the Siamese Cat Society show - this is for best Siamese exhibit in show beating both her mother Trini and father Wulfie - and she was only four months old.  Alaska loved her mother's last litter and looked after them when Trini flitted around being sociable, so should be a good mother herself.  It took forever for her to get the idea and we were thrilled to find she is expecting her first litter in August 2015.  She has three beautiful Chocolate point kittens one boy and two girls Here she is below with one of the kittens.  She turned out to be like a Tiger at protecting her precious babies and not letting any other cat near them.  The over protectiveness eventually wore off luckily. Alaska is is at long last pregnant again - some things you have to wait for and we have been waiting ages for this.  She had another lovely litter of five kittens in June.

Garthowen Emma Rose (Dallas) - Lilac

We have a new beautiful little Princess that we purchased in December 2015.  Emma Rose (aka Dallas) is a lovely little addition to our family.  She is great friends with Denver, Alaska's son who we are keeping as a pet. The pair of them and the JBT kittens have a wonderful time playing together.  Dallas went to visit Wulfie although as she is no relation to Mocha she could go to him also.  Dallas has a beautiful nature and is a champion purrer.  Here she is pictured below trying to climb over to me to see what I am doing - she is always ready for a cuddle. Dallas had her first litter on 16 December 2016 - six kittens with the minimum fuss and bother. We are all thrilled with her new little family and she is wonderful little mother to her babies.  Dallas thrilled us with producing two more Blue point boys after Havana broke the Blue point drought last year.  The rest were all Chocolate points.  One girl and five boys. Her second litter born on Boxing Day 2016 are lovely wee kittens, she was expecting another six but the fifth kitten, the only girl, was trapped in the birth canal for too long and we lost her.  We have five boys and not sure of the colours as they are only three weeks old but think we have three Chocolates and two paler colours.

Dallas with her third litter of kittens.

Astraxlotte Sky Wulf - Seal point RIP

Sky is a beautiful Seal point the daughter of Wulfie and our friends' beautiful Seal point girl Sapphire.  Sky and her sister were shown by our friends last year and she was runner up Female Kitten of the Year to her sister Arkie.  Sky is a gorgeous girl and we eagerly await the birth of her kittens very soon.  The photo shows her last week (June 2017) with a couple of weeks to go.  She had three gorgeous kittens a Seal point boy and girl and a Blue point boy.

Our beautiful Sky was expecting her second litter of kittens on 26 July 2018 but seemed unwell on Wednesday 27 July so was taken in to the Vet.  She had an emergency Ceasarean but unfortunately she had one huge dead female kitten, worse still Ali was so badly jaundiced and had something that just could not be fixed and went to heaven on her final journey in my arms.  She knew she was much loved by Grant and I and slipped away peacefully. I like to think that she and her wee baby girl are in heaven reunited.

Trilian MK Trinitario - Chocolate - RIP

Trinitario was the daughter of Honey and Musuko.  Trinitario did very well as a show girl when younger. She had her first litter of two kittens in early April 2013 and had her second litter late in the year.  In her first litter to Mocha she had a Chocolate boy and a girl and in her second litter to Wulfie she had one Lilac point girl Alaska , one Lilac point boy and a Chocolate point boy.  Above is a photo of her with her second litter.  She went on to have a third litter of three kittens.  Our beautiful girl was only four years old and we lost her last Tuesday 12 January 2016.  We were absolutely devastated at her loss but like all our babies we will never forget her.  Rest in peace beautiful girl.

Garthowen Mooki (Mocha) - Chocolate - RIP

Our beautiful Mocha a Chocolate point pictured here when he was quite young was an amazingly friendly and gorgeous cat who produced like kittens.  He was an absolute joy to have the privilege of owning and loved Grant especially.  He loved to have a cuddle and sit on your shoulders.  We lost him to the curse of all Siamese his kidneys.  Rest in peace lovely boy.

Our Japanese Bobtail Cats

The Boys:

Yuki-Usagi Uruma - now desexed and enjoying single life!

Gd Db Gd Ch Yuki-Usagi Hayate has gone to live in Tasmania.


Yuki-Usagi Mukuge (longhair) no longer a stud but had a vasectomy so helps the girls in need - he does not care that they are Siamese.

The Girls:

US Gd Ch RW Yuki-Usagi Honoka
Gd Ch RW Yuki-Usagi Honoka

Honoka is a Mi-ke (meaning she has three coloured fur white/red/black) and is three years old. She had two litters in Japan before coming to Australia. Honoka has had her first litter in Australia to Kamichi the Siamese Blue point while waiting for the two future studs to come from Japan.  She has had most of her litters to Uruma but has had two litters with Mukuge. Honoka has been desexed.

Jp Ch Yuki-Usagi Noel
Gd Ch Yuki-Usagi Noel

Noel is a red and white with odd coloured eyes. She has one gold eye and one blue eye which is classed as silver in Japan – a very rich little cat!   Noel is able to have kittens to both studs. Noel carries a dilute gene and has cream kittens as well as the red and black.  Noel has both longhair and shorthair kittens and some are odd eyed like she is. Noel had big problems with her last three pregnancies and was desexed.


Db Gd Ch & ACTY Ch Trilian YH Akira

We have just received Akira back from another breeder who could not keep her.  Akira is the older sister of Sachiko and is a Mi-ke, odd eyed like her mother Noel.  She has had two litters one for us.  The litter she had for us in March 2013 consisted of all boys, two shorthair Red and White boys and two longhair Black and White boys.  She had her first two litters to Mukuge and her last litter to Uruma and then was desexed and is enjoying her retirement with her Mum and Honoka.

Ch Trilian YH Sachiko

Sachiko is the daughter of Noel and Hayate and is a dilute Mi-ke longhair.  Cheeky had her first litter of five lovely kittens on 30 October 2011.  She is a wonderful mother to her babies like most of our girls both JBT and Siamese.  We were excited to see the colours she produced.  In her first litter we got a Mi-ke, a dilute Mi-ke with odd eyes, one White and Cream boy, and two brown and white boys all with blue eyes which was most unexpected.  She had her second litter of five in October 2012 and again had a pointed blue eyed kitten but a female this time. September 2013 produced a litter of four this time. A wonderful no nonsense Queen who has gorgeous kittens.  Cheeky has five kittens at the moment, one girl who is going to Tasmania as a breeding girl and four lovely boys. Cheeky has now been desexed and enjoying life but still loves her babies.