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Kittens :

Alaska and Nugget are proud to announce the birth of four little babies on Friday 9 June 2017 born between 9am and 10am.  Mother and babies doing well.  Alaska has three extra ring ins which she is very happy about.  Only the Lilac point girl is left for sale. 

Sky and Nugget are proud to announce the birth of three babies on Tuesday 13 June 2017 - poor little Sky had one kitten by herself and then had to have a Caesar and had two more kittens. Not having the kittens naturally she was totally unimpressed with these little things and so Aunty Alaska is doing the honours.  

Havana visited Wulfie and was expecting kittens early March.  Bang on the day, Havana produced her third litter of six kittens on the afternoon of 6.3.17.  As usual there is one girl and the rest boys.   Unfortunately we lost three of our wee kittens.  These kittens are all sold and two are in their new homes with Cadbury flying off to Queensland on Saturday.

Dallas and Wulfie have six little baby kittens.  They are so ultra cute were far too young to destroy the Christmas tree Hurrah!  The kittens are coming along really well and have turned from little babies to little Siamese now and walking around the dining room like they own the place.  We have four Chocolate points and two Blue points.  These kittens are now sold and in their new homes.

           About our Kittens

Our new kitten owners to be will receive updated photos of the litters each Sunday so they can see the babies grow. 

The kittens can be visited by the new owners from approximately 6-7 weeks old (when they are eating solids) and a deposit paid about that time.  Usually your kitten can be chosen then (unless it is an all Seal litter for example when it is hard to know which is which). 

The Siamese kittens are NOT desexed when sold as we think they are too small as does our Vet.  

We are happy to fly our kittens to any State in Australia and have an excellent shipper who handles all the arrangements (which is cheaper than doing it yourself). 

Our kittens live with us in our home along with our miniature longhair Dachshund Max and Isa Brown chooks (outside of course) so are pretty bomb proof.



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Please bear in mind, buying a Trilian kitten is a lifetime commitment.

Two Seal point kittens one three weeks old and one eight weeks old

Such good kittens posing for a photo.  The Lilac female kitten is at front left - looking for a good home!

The two girls with Alaska Seal point left and Lilac point right

Blue point boy at left and the two Seal boys

Growing up fast - three weeks aleady

Alaska's two week old and Sky's three two week old tomorrow kittens looking as cute as buttons

Rory, Cadbury and Bruno the Lilac point as always on MY chair


Will you hurry up - I want to go and play!  Mr Brown at four weeks old

Had to include this my favourite photo of Dallas' kittens.  Such a sweet little baby - a Blue point and sold already.


Poppy, Oscar, the boy we are keeping Denver and Alaska


Alaska's Oscar

Alaska's Poppy and her brothers

Ali's Joe and Max the protector dog

And Pluto now - grown in to a gorgeous cat!

Pluto at his new home with his new best friend

Ali and two of her kittens last year

Max the puppy with one of the Chocolate point boys


One of Havana's little Chocolate boys

Akira's kittens - on top of the book case having a chat to Grant

Trini's Chocolate point girl Khaleesi who lives in Melbourne

Trini's Lilac point kitten visiting the prison to play with Cheeky's Red/white boy Rupert

Alaska who as a four month old Lilac point kitten made us Breeders of the Best Pure Siamese bred by Exhibitor (L J Hooker Picton trophy) at Saturday's Siamese Cat Society Show (15 March 2014) - she also won the Joyce Selby Memorial trophy (pictured) for best Siamese in show with Judge Theresa Johnson

Natsumi's blue eyed pointed boy Samurai

Trini's Chocolate point boy with Havana lying down behind him

Cheeky's Blue & White boy having a stretch

Sabrina's little orphan female Siamese kitten Havana who we are keeping as a breeding girl.

Sabrina's Chocolate point boys relaxing with her

The lovely Sullivan with her brother Wasabi

Seal point, Chocolate point and Lilac point bundles of mischief

Cheeky's two girls and Ben - an armful of trouble

Dr Harry Cooper with Kuri at the filming of the Japanese Bobtail segment of the Better Homes & Garden program.

Three of the TV stars with Ivory their Siamese friend.  At back is Kuri, front left Sachiko longhair dilute Mi-ke female and right is Nyoko the shorthair red & white boy


One of Noel's boys, Takara hiding in a box - another of the TV stars!